Waiting To Exhale EP

by One More Victim

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In a secluded society where is guilty every single one The only crime is to be taken in the act of a crime In to the thievish world stupidity is the gravest sin That wretched and inhuman world they live in Is not in what way we see it Coming out from there they’re bringing putrefaction Which made them rot there with the same bastards Extirpating the malice with the help of other brutality We give rise to the more monumental malice, than we got accustomed to see Malice is easily to notice in everything Kindness one must discern In our shitty world not so much kindness and sympathy then in their... Even not less Extirpating the malice with the help of other brutality We give rise to the more monumental malice, than we got accustomed to see They must find it difficult... Those who have taken authority as the truth, rather than truth as the authority
You are trembling all over You can’t control yourself Your eye is twitching in time with your fear The fear that fills you The fear you can’t conceal You turned pale like a corpse You’ve nowhere to run I’m reading your mind You should better forget it Inside your head anticipation of death Inside my head laughter Inside your head supplication for mercy Inside my head mercilessness Are you satisfied with yourself? Are you satisfied?! I guess no! You are a miserable coward, a downtrodden animal Nowhere to hide from your fate You are alive so far Forget a right for the last wish You’re not worth it I know that people should learn By swallowing their own pain I know they should be stronger With every fucking wound
Your fucking mouth is stuffed with the shit, as usual though It’s hard to believe that I’ve been eating it with pleasure for some time Whom I was then? Blind? Perhaps, a naive one? It doesn’t matter anyway Only things is happening right now are important For now, you’re just one more whore for my needs And nothing more... My veins are swelling at the sight of you There is a lust immediately appears in my head Longing for take your neck in my arms, and than screw it gently You think I'm insane? It seems to me, that I'm healthier than you! No! Not this time! It's better for you to forget about it From now on you won’t pain me anymore I perfectly know such kind of people as you You’re all have the same crap on your mind. That’s funnily... That’s fucking funnily I think it's high time for you to play with my cock
Our best time is passed Exasperation, betrayal, disastrous disorders will follow us till the grave It’s hard to stay on the goodside When looking at the mirror you realized That you’re as crap as they are Defending jerks – we’re butchering anothers We’re butchering another fucking jerks There are no murderers and victims in this war Each of us is here. Each of us has built up this nigtmare We’re all will be sorry, for not listening to the words of those Who knows ever god damn thing Those, who is everything Everyone knows what will be the fuckin finish like If not, they must have guess


Our first work. Now available in a best quality. Enjoy it.


released April 11, 2009

Daniil Krasovskiy - vocals
Egor Kolosov - guitars
Nikita Poloznikov - guitars
Sergey Shagovaleev - bass


all rights reserved



One More Victim Moscow, Russia

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